Yammacoona II  2019
wood engraving on Kozo paper
10 x 20 cm, edition 20

Yammacoona 1 & 2 are wood engravings made as part of a project ‘Earth Canvas’. This project paired artists with regenerative farmers to build awareness of farming with respect for the land. Yammacoona is a farm in NSW that uses regenerative practice. It is beautiful, peaceful and thriving because the farmers care about the land and work with the land and the seasons. The trees play a pivotal role in the health of the land, they shade the soil and animals, provide habitat and contribute to the regenerative process. The farmers have seen the return of indigenous species of flora and fauna.

These engravings are done on end-grain lemon wood using small hand engraving tools similar to those used to engrave on metal. The medium dates back to the end of the eighteenth century. Originally used alongside metal type in printing of books it became obsolete with the development of other methods commercial printing.

— Rosalind Atkins

Courtesy the artist and Australian Galleries