Robbins' work makes tangible the underlying structures and rhythms of natural forces. He has produced site-specific installations and exhibitions in art centres, disused buildings and outdoor sites in Australia, Japan, Norway, China, Germany and the UK, both self-funded and commissioned.

These inquiries employ structural devices including kinetic wind or water powered mechanical systems. Their aesthetic is the result of both careful engineering and resourcefulness. The outputs of these site-specific installations include wind drawings and sound compositions. These interpretations of the dynamics and scale of the physical world suggest the complexities of the unknown.


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  • Mirror Sea 28/2/19 AEC Albany WA
  • Mon Mon, 3-4/05/19 24 hrs 3 pens
  • Mon Mon Portsea blackhole, 2/05/19 31 km/h 7.5 hrs
  • GSG Albany Kalgan, 26/02/19 NE/E 25 hrs
  • MONA, 25/6/14 NW 50 km/h 24 hrs
  • Collingwood Tuesday light SW Nov 2016
  • Storm; 60 hrs Collingwood
  • GSG Albany fresh northerly, 20/2/19 19.5 hrs
  • MONA, 7/7/14 NW 15-20 km/h 24 hrs
  • Mon Mon blackhole, 2/05/19 31 km/h northerly
  • Leanganook interstellar dark emu
  • Leanganook storm