17 November - 29 December 2019 

Minaal Lawn artworks

“Sweet friends, in joy assembled here together, never forget us, once your sweetest friends...” Omar Khayaam

Contemporary ceramic artist Minaal Lawn creates intimately hand made, domestic scale objects that draw on her Indian - Australian heritage, background in fashion and delight in pots. Continual inquiry into the space she occupies between her two cultures serves as a primary reference for her formal studies. With a deep interest in research to inform her creative exploration of colour, use of material texture and form, Minaal’s works convey a grounded composure and beauty.

Knuckle is created with play in mind. It encourages a playful interaction with the artwork allowing for new compositions, connections and thoughts, permitting many ways of being. The works and their many compositions are rooted in a gentle exploration of my cultural resonance with India and its interaction with my Australian upbringing and surrounds.”

— Minaal Lawn, 2019


Images: (from left) Knuckle Stack 3, Knuckle Stack 2 & Knuckle Stack 4 2019, stoneware, Shino glaze, dry glaze & oxides, 10 x 4 x 6 cm.