Collection: ROSIE WEISS

Rosie Weiss is a Mornington Peninsula based Artist and Educator, she makes work about our relationship to the natural world. In 1992 she won the Moet and Chandon Art Fellowship for a work titled ‘Lung’, a reaction to the Coode Island chemical fire in Melbourne.

After spending time at the Police Point artist residency at Point Nepean over the winter of 2015 she witnessed ‘an extreme erosion event’ (Parks Victoria Signage) and began making ‘The trees are falling into the sea and other stories’. Weiss collects plant material on the edges of human activity to use as subject matter in her work. After the erosion event she circumnavigated Port Phillip Bay collecting plants dislodged by the effects of dredging and climate change, and over subsequent years collected plants from Spencer Gulf to Moreton Bay, where most of our population lives, just above sea level.

Weiss has participated in many solo and group shows in Australia and overseas. In 2019 at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery as part of ‘In the valley’ a group climate change show she made a large installation ‘On the Edge’, 1979-2019, with forty years of her collected land and sea plants.

Weiss is working on a show for Silver Leaf Art Box, 21 May - 13 June 2021, titled ‘Do you still love me, asked the earth?’ And ‘Rosie Weiss: Collected Works’ at the MPRG, 29 May - 22 August 2021.


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