Fiesta  2021
found plastics & wire
15 x 25 x 25 cm (variable)

My current work practice focuses on concepts of consumption, abundance and waste; and are reflections on the plastic detritus I collect from my local beaches, Bondi Beach and Rose Bay.  

The process of collecting, sorting and grading the plastics by colour and size is fastidious. This initial gathering and sorting process is followed by threading the components onto strings of wire. The resulting sculptural garlands and tangled mound constructions I make are reflections of my coastal home and the greater human landscape of waste. 

When completed, these bundles stand in stark contrast to the ease of disposability associated with the materials that arrive on the shoreline or accumulate as landfill, as evidence of our collective human neglect and destruction of the environment around us.

— Rox De Luca

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