Red  2010
watercolour on cut and folded Arches paper
60 x 60 cm 

Red, Spectrum Series

The quietness of my practice is a response to the visual overload of contemporary urban life. The visual elements in the works are reduced to a few variables to slow perception and quiet the eye.

Red is part of a series of works examining the way light hits a surface and creates colour. I think of light as a raw material. Simple repetitive geometric shapes in paper are arranged to catch ambient light and make it visible as a luminous cloud. In Red, the backs of the paper blades are painted in different shades of red so that the trapped light produces a coloured aura in the space between the blades. In other works in the series, two reflected primary colours combined to create a secondary colour in the space between.

After the conceptualisation, the making is slow, repetitive and calming. I hope the pieces are quiet and meditative and reflect my own delight in the sense of sight.

Courtesy the artist and Stella Downer Fine Art

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