Green fingered talisman of protection at work in Arthurs Seat State Park  2021
digital print on archival paper
21 x 21 cm, edition 5

'Nature abhors an empty space.’ Aristotle is famously quoted and theorised over. This image was taken in Arthur’s Seat State Park at the site of a proposed new quarry. Which, according to planning.vic.gov.au, would also include ‘a crushing plant, product handling and stockpiles, internal roads and ancillary facilities.’ 

Embroidered amulets have historically been made as a protection from the evil eye. This small work was made in opposition to the proposed new quarry in proximity to the Arthur’s Seat State Park (the plans are to extend the granite quarry adjacent to the park that ceased operation in 1998) as a horror vacui ~ a fear of empty space or in this case a fear of an emptying out of nature. These are desperate times, surely after all our environment endures we must 'mother' nature and move forward as protectors.

— Eddy Carroll 2021

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