Austral Stork's-bill  2019
lumen print on Hahnemule fibre-based paper
25.4 x 20.3 cm

Austral Stork’s-bill forms part of an archive of photographic lumen prints created from native plant specimens primarily grown in my backyard. Lumen prints are made by directly exposing plants onto photo sensitive material with sunlight and fixing them in a darkroom.

Working with native plants, I have gained a reverence and respect for Victoria’s grasslands and woodlands as they once existed. A human landscape controlled by fire, rejuvenating annually over the cooler winter months, these environments provided a habitat for native fauna and a food source for Victoria’s indigenous population.

An herbaceous plant from the Pelargonium genus, Austral Stork’s-bill grows in woodland and forest habitats on the Mornington Peninsula and is widespread across Victoria. It regenerates in large numbers after fire.

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