What goes around II  2019
digital pigment print
150 x 194 cm, edition 8

What goes around II is an exemplar of my work and its concern about seeking balance in an increasingly unstable society and environment. The digital print is grand in scale, a macro version of my drawings, it is ‘more than’ the original hand can offer, an ‘uber’ experience so to speak of my humble drawings. It is a material and conceptual reference to our times, where desire and reality are constantly blurred in our virtual worlds. The digital process has been used specifically for this reason. The work is an all-encompassing physical deluge of wave and movement. Abstracted forms, art history references and political undercurrents are present in the flowing beauty of the work, and without a grounding element there is a perpetual sense of motion.

— Belinda Fox

Courtesy the artist and Gallerysmith