Collection: YVETTE DE LACY

Yvette De Lacy is a potter who lives and works on the Kinglake Ranges overlooking Melbourne. Her studio is an old, corrugated potato shed situated on her native flower farm surrounded by farmland and forest. She works as a full-time potter and her pottery is called Mountain Clay.

De Lacy completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Ceramics in 1993 at The Victorian College of the Arts and she also holds a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Art from Melbourne University which brought her to teach Secondary Art and Design during the 2000's. De Lacy's foundation was in ceramic sculpture, but since 2014 she has been making functional tableware.

The artist uses local stoneware clay with a range of underglazes and oxides to decorate her pieces, alongside sgraffito techniques and glazes. The works are either thrown on the wheel or hand built. She fires her work in an oxidation environment using an electric kiln.

The natural environment where De Lacy lives strongly influences her work. Her home is surrounded by tall mountain ash forests and rolling hills with wedge tailed eagles flying overhead. The artist also aims to spend time each year at National Parks along the coast of Australia. De Lacy captures the feelings that she experiences when immersed in the natural world. Her work also tells stories of untouched places and the importance of preserving them for native species and future generations.

De Lacy has recently exhibited in a small ceramic group show at Charlie Cummings Gallery in the US. She also participated in her fourth Pottery Expo at Warrandyte. Her work can be purchased at Tarrawarra Museum of Art and through her website at

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