Unurupa Nami Kulyuru was born in 1962 and is a senior artist with Ernabella Arts in the APY Lands of South Australia. An educator and teacher, she started painting in 2013. Here she is depicting an episode of the journeys of the creation ancestral sisters (minyma kutjara) as it relates to the women of Ernabella. In the creation times the two sisters along with other women, gather bush foods as they travel through the lands, singing and dancing as they travel. They come across a man dangerous to the women, however are able to knock him unconscious, tie him up and carry him for some distance before leaving him and continuing their travels. The hill where this story originated is near to the Ernabella community and is a sacred and important ceremonial site for Ernabella women today. Unurupa Kulyuru is one of the most senior artists entitled to paint this story. 
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