Beginning/end/border  2015
linen, thread, polymer emulsion, acrylic & oil
30 x 30 cm

Beginning/end/border was exhibited in Percy Grainger: in the company of strangers at Bayside Arts and Cultural Centre in 2015. Of this series of works Tucker writes: 

"The aspect of Grainger’s practice that fascinates me most is the ‘many-sided’ nature of his creativity. Believing his own worldview and aesthetic to be superior to all others, he reinvented everything. Rather than placing value on individual objects or works, he saw value in the connections between things and sought to bring these out. I perceive in his work a constant push and pull between pursuing free creativity and trying to gather and make sense of it all, to archive, summarise and to teach.

This series of paintings reference a number of aspects of Grainger’s oeuvre, both aesthetically and conceptually. In the Samples series, each painting has many layers, beginning with canvas or linen that has been cut, stained and reconstructed. The resulting quilt-like surface is immersed in a polymer emulsion that renders it flat and smooth, as though preserved. The paintings each stem from a different departure point and are deliberately aesthetically diverse. They are linked by the process of their making and their presentation, a sort of compendium of creative meanderings. As a group they bring to mind Grainger’s Museum panels, where clippings or photographs were collected and presented as one. But they also allude to rhythm and the annotation of music."  

— Kate Tucker

Courtesy the artist and Daine Singer

Photograph: Matthew Stanton

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