Collection of bird eggs  2020
watercolour on 300 gsm Saunders Waterford watercolour paper
48 x 30 cm 

For the past thirty years I have made paintings depicting images from nature that speak to the interconnectedness of all things. I am interested in the natural world and in our complex and shifting relationship with it. Intrigued by images of nature across time; still life paintings; drawings; museum specimens; taxidermy – these are a record of our shifting relationship to the natural world. I am drawn to and collect imagery of the natural world from a wide range of sources. I collage these images to create both imagined and familiar ecosystems, where I am extracting and extending layers of meaning. In my work, I look at how we exist in nature, and also at our intrinsic connection with it. 

My paintings conjure enigmatic spaces- dream like yet bordering on nightmare. There  is a  a tension between the beauty and the fragility of the hyper- real yet impossible as they wrestle in a dialogue of perfection and looming extinction.

— Judith van Heeren

Courtesy the artist and Murray White Room

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