Wonga cape  2021
hand-coloured linocut
15 x 28 cm, edition 6

How have so many of us become so deeply disconnected to the land, it’s awesome beauty, fragile ecosystems and nuances? 

It is hard sometimes, not to be overwhelmed by anger and despair and a sense of hopelessness. Working the local native flowers and grasses into my prints gives me solace. By sharing what is here, the kangaroo and wallaby grasses, maidenhair fern, beautiful plants such as hyacinth orchids, the threatened spider orchid and fringe lilies, I hope to increase awareness of what stands to be lost. 

The cape is a metaphor for nature wrapping us in all her beauty, restoring and healing us. The print titled Fragmented quilt is a collection of fragments from earlier dress plates and tells the story of a fractured landscape with small remnant pockets ‘hemmed in’ by development and ever encroaching industry and vineyards.

— Hannah Lewis