Garden of Possibilities I  2003/4
linocut on Magnani paper
52 x 92 cm, edition 25

The Spanish poet, Federico Garcia Lorca, in his poem, 'The Garden', has a refrain… 'the garden was never born, never, but could burst into life...'

Arthur's Seat, its Boonwurrung name, Wonga, meaning 'a hill of fire', was born some 588 - 416 million years ago. Since early childhood this has been my garden. While there have been many man-made additions to the 'hill' over the centuries there is no need for this iconic site to be defaced and plundered for a granite quarry.

This linocut, Garden of possibilties I is a garden - rocks to the lower left guard or welcome you into the vast space to the right - to the possibilities of creativity, room for the imagination rather than commerce.

Take the possibilities away and what are we left with - take the hill away and where is the iconic garden of the Mornington Peninsula? 

NB.  We are living in an age of climate change - if we do not look after the earth, in turn we will destroy ourselves.

Courtesy the artist and Australian Galleries 

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