Seth  2016
silver gelatin print
24 x 20.3 cm, edition 60

Seth is a portrait of the artist Seth Searle taken in 2015. The picture was made with a medium format film camera, which has ten frames per roll of film. For one frame I asked Seth to close her eyes. I was interested in making a portrait that considered the subject as being in between states; engaging with in an inner world of their own thoughts and emotions, rather than with the camera, or the outside world directly. At the time I was working with collage and combining multiple cut photographs within a single work to create a sense of layered subjectivity and the idea of identity being fragmented and shifting. I considered adding collage elements to this work but decided not to, as I felt there were sufficient layers within the image itself, through the intersection of the subject (with eyes closed) and the patterned tonal variations of the background, to illuminate the relationship between the subject’s interior world and the material world she inhabits.

— David Rosetzky

Courtesy the artist and Sutton Gallery

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