Sun mist morning  2021
acrylic on canvas
33.5 x 33.5 cm

Sun mist morning is a new painting and part of a series inspired by the roadside hedge of hawthorn trees in Tucks Road, Shoreham - a work that embodies my characteristic style and sensitivity to the landscape.

My art practice is informed by the current widespread disconnect between humanity and the natural environment. I focus on the pastoral landscape that’s been my home for 20 years. Here I find peace, refuge, and healing in the sublime beauty that is characteristic to the hinterland of Red Hill, Victoria.

In experiencing loss, Ive developed an understanding of the profound effect nature has on physical and mental wellbeing - a connection that is vitally important not just to human health but for the health of the natural world. With an emphasis on tuning the senses to nature’s beauty, my work aims to offer a reflective moment in the landscape - a silent pause from the surrounding noise.

— Jennifer Riddle

Courtesy the artist & Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne & Gallery One, Queensland

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